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AMANZI (Pty) Ltd

Sewage De-watering and Multicut Pumps Submersible sump pumps and collecting chambers •Submersible drainage pumps ◦Submersible sump pumps Submersible sump pumps for aggressive media Drainage pumps Submersible drainage pumps (10 mm free passage) Submersible drainage pumps (30/40 mm free passage) Submersible drainage pumps for hot water up to 194 0F (90 0C) Submersible drainage pumps with ex-proof submersible pumps for building sites Condensate pump Collecting chambers ◦Drainage disposal unit Abovefloor sump Underfloor / Abovefloor sump Packaged sewage disposal units inside buildings •Sewage disposal unit for limited application Overview packaged sewage disposal unit Single and duplex units Duplex units for larger flats and industrial plants Special units with cutting system    Submersible sewage pumps and pump stations outside buildings •Overview submersible sewage pumps Pumps with cutting systems Pumps with single channel impeller Pumps with vortex impeller Pump stations of plastic for submersible sewage pumps Pressure pipe and sump  
THE BLACK EMPOWERMENT COMPANY Creating flow for South Africa with pumps and electric motor repairs