A wide variety of blade and cutter configurations ensure many achievable particle sizes
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The Multi crusher: Macerting Technology with MIPI No matter if you integrate the Multi crusher in a pump operated system or you install it as an individual unit: The flexibility is superb! Because of the quick access to the rotating parts of the Multi crusher, blade and cutter combinations, blade geometry and thickness can be customised depending on the application and the particle size to be achieved Fields of Application: Environmental Technology Sewage, municipal or industrial, sludge, thin or thickened, dosing of polylectrolyts, feeding of de-watering devices, lime slurries in flue gas desulphuration, waste-oil-mixtures Chemical Industry Acids, caustics, mixtures, solvents, fats, oils, pastes, dispersions, emulsions, latex or products containing latex, paints and coatings Oil Industry oil, oil sludge, heavy oil, diesel oil, benzene, kerosene, water-oil-mixtures, emulsions Building Industry Mineral sludge, cement slurry, bentonite, drilling emulsion, drilling mud, lime slurry, plaster masses, coatings, de-watering Pulp and Paper Paper stock, coatings, chemicals, paints, lime milk, waste water, sewage, caoline suspensions, titanium dioxide Ceramic Industry Clay, lime slurries, ceramic slickers, ferric oxide slurries, glazings Meat and Fish Processing Train ol, entrails, blood, roe, fish meal slurries, chopped meat, sewage, rinds, fats, bone slurries Fruit and Vegetable Processing Pulps, fruit pap, chopped vegetables or fruits, sewage Marine Bilge water, leakage water, ballast water, fuel oil, oil sludge, sewage Starch Production Wash water, pulps, starch, milk, mashes and syrup Sugar Industry Wash water, molasses, calcium carbonate slurries, press water, sewage Mining Pit water, flotation sludge, lime slurries Agriculture Liquid manure, sewage, animal feeding, food wastes, biograss plants
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